Meet The Artist - Dublin Lovin'

Meet The Artist - Dublin Lovin'
Plínio Bastos is an illustrator from Brasília - Brazil and currently based in Dublin.
At the age of 3, he was passionate about superheroes and comic books, which inspired him to draw from that moment on. With a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design, Plínio has worked as a graphic designer since 2004, mostly creating logos and mascots for multiple brands, both in Brazil and Europe. However, he found his favourite artistic expression in the cartoons and tv animations of the 80s and 90s.
Using his page Pliniosworld as a diary, he uses his own cartoon character to tell personal stories, reference elements of pop culture and illustrate mundane situations - both in his world as well as his loved ones. 
Living in Ireland for the past 15 years, Plínio wanted to mark this period of his life by celebrating Dublin, some of its iconic characters and queer love. And that’s what the Dublin Lovin' series is about!
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